30 years of the Juliette Chair: a limited edition and a multidisciplinary project celebrate the anniversary of an iconic benchmark of Made in Italy design.

For the 30th anniversary of Hannes Wettstein’s Juliette Chair, Baleri Italia is paying tribute to this iconic design with a limited edition of 100 champagne-colored pieces, all numbered and bearing the designer’s signature.
True to its innovative spirit, at the same time the company is promoting a project that celebrates the crossroads of art and design, curated by Aldo Parisotto and in collaboration with Verona’s Studio La Città gallery. Three contemporary artists, united by their continuous chromatic exploration, have chosen the Juliette Chair in a color with which they have a strong affinity, and they’ve been immortalized by three different photographers in as many emblematic portraits.

Juliette limited edition
One hundred pieces, all carefully numbered and bearing the engraved signature of designer Hannes Wettstein, will be specially produced in a champagne color to celebrate an iconic benchmark of Made in Italy design. Each chair will come specially packaged and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness.

Juliette meets artists
The project, conceived by Aldo Parisotto together with Verona’s Studio La Città gallery, promotes constructive dialogue and synergy between three creative fields – art, photography and design – always in dialogue with one another.
“We were delighted to welcome the project by Baleri Italia,” says Hélène de Franchis, founder and owner of the gallery. “We have always paid a great deal of attention to the close relationship between art, architecture and design; often offering exhibitions and artists who use different media, but with a common line of thought: a quiet and intimate form of expression that has a close relationship with the space. Thanks also to the willingness of Luigi Carboni, Herbert Hamak and Jacob Hashimoto, who have made both themselves and their studios available, this photographic project that celebrates 30 years of Juliette Chair by Hannes Wettstein was realized.”

The three artists involved are internationally know names with an intense awareness of color, dealt with from different perspectives: Luigi Carboni has transmuted it into thick and dense matter on the surface of his canvases, Jacob Hashimoto has chosen it as a characteristic element of his “mobile” installations, while Herbert Hamak concentrates on the purity of color, enhanced by a skillful use of the resin-filtered light of his monochromatic solids.