Dear all,
we would like to inform you that Baleri Italia team never stopped; despite these months of lockdown we continued to work “behind the scenes” to complete the novelties which would have been presented to you during the Salone del Mobile 2020.

We have two interesting new products, both designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune Studio; we have also enriched the collections designed by Baldessari&Baldessari and Radice Orlandini designstudio. We’ll be happy to present to you all our product news, as well as to all international media and on our social media channels.

A low-slung, gently triangular form, floats above the floor plane, supported on a slim, three-legged bas: this is the new Bermuda lounge chair, design Claesson Koivisto Rune: the extra-wide seat cushion, the low scooped sides and the soft, triangular back cushion of the Bermuda lounge chair will offer a pleasant feeling of well-being and relax!

Concertina cabinets, design Claesson Koivisto Rune Studio, with an intriguing and sculptural look, take advantage of the concept of repeated geometric shapes to move away from the typical (and bulky!) appearance of most storage units. An almost sculptural element that defines the architecture of interior spaces in a clear but harmonious way.

In addition, we have enriched two of our most successful collections presented in 2019: the First collection, by Baldessari&Baldessari, is now increasing with a new series of low tables: coffee table and side table for the living.
Round or rectangular, available in many heights, with the new collection of First tables you can play and customize furniture according to your taste!

Simple, essential but full of personality, Paloma chair – by Radice Orlandini designstudio – the iconic product with coloured metal tubular structure, dresses with new variations and finishes, and thanks to its versatility it adapts to any style and environment, indoors and outdoors.

We’ll contact you in the coming weeks to organise dedicated presentations and go into the details of each of these important product news.


Thank you for your attention, best regards from our Baleri Italia team

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